Lead the Way - Positive Leadership Dog Training

We get YOU!!
We know you want to completely enjoy having a dog in your family.
Right now your dog isn't listening to you and sometimes it’s upsetting everyone in the house.  
You got a dog in the first place so everyone could have more fun, but now with the embarrassing jumping and barking, being dragged down the street, cleaning up accidents around the house and hearing the kids scream at the dog, you hate to admit that it's not always so fun.
You want the freedom of your dog listening to You.
What do you wish they did that they don’t do?  
What do you wish they’d STOP doing?  
Give us a call and tell us all about your dog.  
We’re here to help!  

888 854 0938

No matter how much help you need, we can quickly help you make sure your dog is listening to you.  

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