Lead the Way - Positive Leadership Dog Training

Welcome to Lead The Way, and thank you for stopping by!

Do you ever wonder why your dog does something? 

Some silly look, sound or behavior that seems to make no sense to you but your dog is OBVIOUSLY trying to convey some sort of message? 

Welcome to Lead The Way where we ask those exact questions!! 

Our mission is to act as a translator, a bridge between you and your dog(s). First teaching canine communication (dog psychology, body language, environmental impact and WHY) then helping you develop your fluency and “listening” with your eyes too, so you will have a lifetime of perfect moments with your best friend. 

Call us to help you get started on your PhD in Dog!!! 

We call our philosophy Benevolent Leadership.  
This translates to, I will be an amazing pet leader to you and you just need to follow these simple rules.  For you see, every leash has two ends and both participants in this relationship are smart enough to listen to each other.  

How does a dog know not to use your carpet or houseplants as a potty?  
Because you teach them where the appropriate place to potty is!

Or how about jumping on your guest, walking on a leash, walking through a crowd, or being your service dog??
Exactly, we LEAD them!!!!

How??  What is the Magic to our program??  

First we coach our clients to discover the compelling signals our canines use to communicate and how to become compassionate leaders for them.  

Next we collaborate with the family to create the simple and clear program that will achieve your desired goals. 

Finally we are here to support your dream.  With our training, pet care and community programs we can address all your canine care and training needs. 

We look forward to meeting your family and getting started on building your dream come true life with your pet!